Improving Our World

Conversations with Warriors living our mission.

Meet the Warrior Way Team

Elizabeth Meinders '15

Student Writer & Editor

Elizabeth is a blogger, web editor and quintessential English buff who was selected to write for Warrior Way based on her equally high measures of brilliance and ambition.

Anna Rae Butler '15

Student Photographer

Anna’s artistic style and penchant for capturing light – both from the sun and from within people – makes her the perfect choice as a Warrior Way photographer.

Jose Dominquez '15

Student Graphic Designer

José is talented across mediums. He was chosen to design the Warrior Way logo because of his thoughtful, creative and inquisitive approach to design. Oh, and his skills!

Kate Effertz '14

Web Content Specialist

Kate has one of those coveted hybrid brains that effortlessly and elegantly brings content to life, yet can also parse and problem solve technical feats to make the magic happen.

Mollee Sheehan '07

Web Communications Director

Mollee created The Warrior Way project as a platform to share the stories of the remarkable, often unsung people who live and breathe WSU’s mission of Improving Our World.